miraverse.com is a comprehensive media platform that supports audio, video, and digital media archiving, production, distribution, broadcast, and subscription management.

Digital Media Archive
  • 100 TB SAN storage array, with remote backup to Amazon Amazon S3 remote storage, with other options as requested
  • Multitrack audio formats to 192kHz/24bit and 96kHz/64bit
  • Video formats from consumer DV to DPX to RED's redcode formats (scaling to 28K horizontal resolution and beyond)
  • Music Ontology annotation and search capabilities
  • Full index and linkage to ccMixter song, track, and sample libraries
Digital Media Production
  • Integrate audio, video, digital graphics and animation
  • Metadata-enabled content engine validates legality of production
  • Produce for a variety of video and audio formats (from low-bandwidth Internet to iPhone to 4K digital projection)
  • Online facility provides access to artists, producers, and audiences
Distribution and Broadcast
  • Organize and fulfill physical media distribution using online interfaces
  • Authenticate and manage internet file distribution and streaming
  • Use your transmitters and your FCC licenses to broadcast miraverse.com content to your subscribers and/or audience
Subscriber and Subscription Management
  • Subscription-based model maximizes transparency and ensures fair revenue accounting for all parties
  • Fully customizable subscription levels lets artists and produces fine-tune their online revenue models
  • Multi-way internet streaming enables online interaction between artists, producers, and audiences on a subscription basis


PHONE: (+1) 919-444-2350