Education | Co-Production

Are you looking to explore new models of creativity and collaboration? Learn from those you admire how to realize and communicate your own artistic vision? Engage in bold experiments of cultural and artistic sustainability while having lots of fun? Share with others what you have learned in hopes they will do likewise? The Miraverse is an environment in which to do all of this and more.

"Part of the tragedy is of the artist is that there is no real goal in achieving what you are naturally good at. The real satisfaction lies in the things you accomplish by practice and effort."

— Joris van den Berg, commenting on the death of H. Cartier Bresson

You come to the Miraverse because you have a (musical) statement to make, or at least a statement you want to hear, perhaps a statement you want others to hear. How do you make the best statement you can possibly make? How do you work with other artists so that their work achieves what you believe to be possible? It certainly begins with the talent and extends to the room, the equipment, and the professionalism of the staff. But at some point there is a barrier that blocks you from either achieving your goal, articulating the problem, or even acknowledging your own limits. By making education an integral component of the production process, one can discern these barriers, engage them, and then transcend them.

"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand."

— Chinese proverb

When you are ready to commit to learn, we are ready to design and deliver a curriculum that is hands-on, experience-based, and very much attuned to your production schedule. We want you to learn, to understand, and to master whatever you need so that you can access the levels of production you want to achieve. We especially want you to become a master, because as a master, you can teach us!

"Teaching is the highest form of understanding."

— Aristotle

The educational mission of the studio represents fundamental respect for all who use it and a fundamental belief that all who come here may leave not only richer in economic terms, but richer and more complete as human beings. The Miraverse thus provides a prepared environment in which teaching, ours or yours, can achieve its greatest effect.



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